The Most Effective Strategies To Play Dragon - Tiger Online. 

Dragon Tiger is one of the few games that rely solely on one card to divide the winning and losing results, thus stimulating the player's desire to conquer and win.
The most effective tips to play Dragon Tiger is also the top of concern of many players. The article below will offer to you the tips to make your game easier and get the best victories. 

Tip to choose the bet in Dragon Tiger online

Most gambling games have a betting window where the house always has a high payout ratio to invite players to bet on it. But this bet has a high chance of losing, so it is recommended that players or experienced players recommend not placing. That is the Tie Bet.

In the Dragon Tiger Online game, too, the Tie is paid the highest payout with a 1 to 8 bet. Many new players often look at this payout ratio to bet and the result is consecutive losses, the capital is all clean within the first few rounds.

According to Dragon Tiger professional players, in 5 places in Dragon Tiger Online, the Tie only has 12.5% chance of winning. Because, it is very rare for a Dragon and Tiger to have an equal number of points, or in other words, play the same card in a quarter. If you place this handicap, you're lucky to win once, but the price of other losses is very high.

In addition, at the Tie, you cannot get your money back even if you win and must return to the dealer 50% of that amount. This is a game rule, regardless of any house.
To avoid the sweet trap from the Tie of Dragon Tiger Online, you should choose to put in the remaining bets: Tiger, Dragon, etc. from the way of observation and experience of each gambler.


Don’t use the folding method during play Dragon Tiger Online

Folding method is a very effective strategy in games like Baccarat but it is not suitable for Dragon Tiger Online at Live casino Singapore. The reason given by the players is that the Dragon Tiger game has a Tie bet, if you put a Dragon or Tiger and the result is Tiem, you will lose half of the money. 
For example, if you use the folding method and the amount of money rushed up that unfortunately fell into the Tie, you lose half of the money and can not get back the amount of money spent. This way of playing is extremely dangerous.

When playing Dragon Tiger online, you should observe, stalk and pay much more effectively. Especially with this game, the nature of the card making makes the bridge run also appear randomly. If you find this bridge beautiful, make a big bet, if you see a small bridge, then place your hand with your capital and never lose it. 

Make clear capital management plans and goal plans

Having taken real money to play gambling, it is necessary to have a stable mentality and know how to calculate. It is not a game that you can rely on only your own luck. You need to manage your capital well and have clear goals and plans in each game. 

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In fact, many people who have just played a few games have to leave the Dragon Tiger Online table because they ran out of money. Is it because they have little money or because they have lost so much? It is possible but most importantly, the player does not know how to manage his capital.

Before signing in and play Dragon Tiger online, you need to manage the following capital to never lose or lose too much:

- How much money you have?: In online house edges, the amount of money in your account is clearly displayed, you can immediately know how much money you have in it. Whether the balance is usable or not, as bonuses are sometimes required to be used. 

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- How much do you intend to spend on this game?: Maybe when you come in, you can play not only Dragon Tiger but also other attractive games. So how much will you spend on the game Dragon Tiger Online? This is quite important, you can not cheer up, use up or bored then a game and then out. Determine the amount of money that can be played to plan a bet in each game, so the efficiency will be higher.

- How much do you bet in each game? : From how much money you can play, you will break up the games. For example, if you play about 30 games, the amount of money you need to be able to regain capital or lose does not affect your own economy.

- Knowing to stop at the right time: The plan is already there, but you find your card is not good and rush to place a bet with the desire to win large or you lose continuously and want to remove more, etc. There are many cases which have proved  that it will only make you lose your money, not as much luck as you would like. Knowing to stop at the right time can keep your bonus and capital safely. Rushed in, the loser still lost.
Using the most effective strategies in playing Dragon Tiger online is one of the methods that is indispensable for all players. Be alert and use the smartest strategies to win the Dragon Tiger with the highest reward. Good luck!