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What is Danger High Voltage Slot?

Danger High Voltage is an online slot game developed by Big Time Gaming that has 6 reels and 4 rows. The game offers several bonuses including 6X multiplier free spins, continuous free spins and multiplayer wilds free spins where wins are multiplied up to 66X stake.

Dangerous High Voltage Theme 

On a smoky dance floor, to the sound of disco tunes pumping as the lasers play, you'll spin reels filled with symbols influenced by Mexico's Day of the Dead. The highest paying symbol is the heart, but your reward depends entirely on what you bet.

How to play

Select your stake by clicking the left and right arrow buttons on the stake. The total bet value is displayed in the bet screen.

All payouts are multiplied by the stake of each spin.

Auto play

To set Auto Play, press the Auto button. This will bring up an AutoPlay panel that players can use to modify the number of spins, set a loss limit or set a win limit. When setting a loss limit, a player can select Start to start playing automatically.

When AutoPlay is on, the Play button changes to a Stop button. The remaining AutoPlays will be displayed in the Stop button. Players can cancel Auto Play by clicking the Stop button. Autoplay will automatically stop if any limit is reached or anything happens that requires player intervention.

Autoplay may not be available in your jurisdiction.

Start the rotation

Press the Play button to start the spin with the displayed bet amount.

The 5 reels will spin and then stop, showing the results.

Symbol wins

Winning is when consecutive symbols match, from left to right starting from the leftmost reel, excluding SCATTER that pays any payout.

The highest win is paid for each combined win. All combined wins are added together. See PAY for more information.

Wild symbol

Wild Fire and Wild Electricity substitute for all symbols except Scatter.

All wins are multiplied by 6 for each Wild Electricity substituted in the win.

Wild Fire and Wild Electricity appear only on Reels 2 to 5.

Scatter symbol

Three or more Scatter symbols (see paylines) will trigger the Bonus. The bonus allows choosing between two features. As soon as a selection is made, the feature plays automatically. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet. Scatter wins are added to wins.

The stake used to activate the feature will be used during the performance of the feature.

Option 1 - High Voltage Free Spins

  • With the Bonus you are rewarded with 15 Free Spins.

  • High Voltage Wild can appear on reels 2 to 5 during Free Spins.

  • High Voltage Wilds will multiply wins from x11 to x66 when illuminated.

  • All Free Spins with High Voltage Wild wins are multiplied by the marked multiplier.

  • 3 Scatter or more you get 5 more Free Spins.

  • High Voltage Wild substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter.

Option 2 - Hell's Gate Free Spins

  • With the Bonus you are awarded 7 Free Spins.

  • One of the game symbols will be revealed as a Sticky Wild during Free Spins.

  • The selected symbol becomes Sticky Wild only on reels 2 to 5.

  • The Sticky Wild substitutes for all symbols during the Free Spins.

  • Four Sticky Wilds on a single reel will award 3 more Free Spins for a total of 19 Free Spins.

  • Scatter does not appear during Hell Gate Free Spins.


Danger High Voltage brings you a unique design. It has a special feature that is different from regular slots that replaces all traditional paylines with 4096 winning ways. This slot game will bring to all players high rewards and an interesting experience.

About 918Kiss Online Casino

918Kiss appeared for a long time on the Singapore betting market. This is a famous online casino, receiving favor from players. 918Kiss can not only bet on the computer, players can also participate by mobile or phone. Quality online casino system, with many products for players to choose from. In addition, 918Kiss also owns many other outstanding advantages. Let's follow the article below to better understand about 918kiss Singapore online casino.


Attractive Odds At 918Kiss Online Casino

  • Live casino of 918Kiss

Live casino of 918kiss Singapore has a real dealer dealing cards. This is not the case with all online casinos, 918kiss Singapore is considered by members to be the most prestigious, quality and beautiful casino among online casinos in the same area of ​​Singapore today.

Players can participate with many different devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, ... In terms of image and sound quality, players will be satisfied. On each clearly arranged table, the Dealer will support the player during the bet. With a strict surveillance camera system, 918kiss Singapore is a transparent and fair betting environment.

Here, players will comfortably experience the most attractive legendary casino card games today such as:

  • Roulette

  • Baccarat

  • Poker

  • Slot Games:

Referring to the magic wheel, members of 918kiss Singapore will immediately remember the Slot game. Every week the number of games increases, many new topics are updated. The special thing is that every game comes from major game publishers in the world, extremely high quality.

Slot games are considered a betting platform because the game is diverse in terms of content, colors and sounds that attract many participants. In addition to playing Slot games, players do not spend too much money, the rewards can be very large. Jackpot prizes worth hundreds of millions of dollars are waiting for lucky people to receive.

  • Fish Table Game

The ocean world has never ceased to be beautiful in the eyes of players. Fish Game with the latest version, players do not need to go to the supermarket to comfortably experience. In the Fish Game section of 918Kiss Singapore Agent, players can choose different versions. Each version is a separate color, the similarities are very new and attractive.

Depending on the player's level, Fish Game will meet the number of weapons. The more fish the player conquers, the more attractive rewards they will receive. It can be said that when participating in Fish Game, players both have the opportunity to receive bonuses and have an unforgettable experience.

Register Betting Account Online Casino 

How to register an account is simple, players just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: At 918Kiss Singapore Agent interface, through live chat or whatsapp, players contact service staff to request account registration.

  • Step 2: According to the instructions, provide personal information. Complete the form and enter the required confirmation code.

  • Step 3: Log in to your account after completing the registration. Change your password to increase security.

  • Step 4: Deposit your bet and start participating.

Outstanding Betting Advantages At 918Kiss 

  • Friendly interface

The first thing that catches the eye of bettors is the interface of 918Kiss. The 918Kiss homepage is beautifully designed, fueling your betting excitement. Smart decoration, reasonable arrangement. Even new players to bets are easy to use, search and perform operations. The registration, betting login is simple, fast, and completely free.

  • Diverse products, attractive odds

Coming to Ufabetsg, players will have a great experience. 918Kiss offers many different types of betting, from live casino to Fish game and winning lottery games,... Each game will have different odds, great chances of winning.

  • Financial transparency and stability

918Kiss has a fast and simple payment system, no need to make too many countries. Most of the local banks are linked by the agent, making transactions extremely convenient. As long as players have a need, the staff will do their best to support, the transaction only takes from 5 to 10 minutes.

A new difference at 918Kiss that few online casinos have, 918Kiss organizes many great promotions. In addition to giving rewards to new members, players also receive birthday gifts. The form of receipt can be in kind, voucher or bet refund, ...

  • Customer care

Regarding the service, 918Kiss received compliments from many members. Attentive service, enthusiastic staff, support players wholeheartedly. If you are new to the game, 918Kiss has many articles on the rules of the game, instructions on how to bet on each game. Whenever there is a problem, please contact the staff via chat channel.


It can be said that the above is the entire overview, the most comprehensive view of 918Kiss. What are you waiting for, hurry up and register yourself a 918Kiss account today to receive free rewards and participate in betting. 918Kiss wishes you luck!

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918kiss-3 - Copy
 Slot game (also called slot machines) is one of the games that are played for real money in casinos. Slots are also very popular in the online casino and being played by almost players throughout the world. Each slot machine usually consists of 3 to 5 horizontal and 3 to 5 vertical lines with different symbols depending on the theme of the game. The popular game variations that can be mentioned are video slots, multi-reel slots, multi-payline slots, multi-spin, progressive slots, and so on.

How To Play Slots Game?
All slot games have the same rules and procedures that are place bets, spin and wait for the results. If you spin the right winning combinations, you will win and get the prizes corresponding to your result. However, each variation will have some different playing rules, as follows:

-Classic Slot: These games have rotations and from one to many different pay lines to activate. You will win if the symbols on the pay-line are activated following one of the winning combinations specified on the payout table. The pay-lines triggered in slot games are usually found in horizontal, vertical, and sometimes diagonal lines on the reels.

-Video slot: Instead of spinning the reels, video slots often have dynamic features that replace the reels. Paylines on video slots are usually more complicated, for example may include interlacing, zigzag and V-shaped. To play the video slot, you place coins in the machine corresponding to the number of pay-lines you want to activate. The usual bet of 1 cent is 1 pay-line, so you should place low bets and lots of payouts to have more chances to win. After successfully placing a coin, select the “Spin” button. When the reel stops, the machine will automatically highlight the winning combinations and if you are lucky, you will receive the corresponding bonus.

Buttons Used In Slots Games

-AutoPlay: This feature allows you to set presets for some consecutive games without having to reset the bets and the number of lines per play. You just need to select “Auto Play”, set the number of coins you want to play, the number of lines you want to activate and the number of games you want to play in a row. Then, you just sit and watch the game, if you spin any winning combination, the money will be automatically added to your account. If you want to remove this feature at any time, simply select the “Stop” button. 

-Bet Max: Select this button to activate all betting amount that can be placed in the game and set the number of spins at the same time. You simply need to set the coin level and then click on “Bet Max” to play.

-Bet One: Select this button to place a bet on a pay-line. When you’re ready to spin, click the Spin button to activate the game.

-Collect: Click this button to collect your winnings and add them to your account

-Spin: Click this button to start playing the game by spinning.

Terms Used In Slots Game

-Bonus Game: The bonus game is triggered by spinning a special combination on the reel, providing additional rewards such as free spins, cash prizes, and so on.

-Coin Level: The number of coins you want to place a bet for each active line. The cost of any betting amount is one bet per trigger line so if you place 10 lines, the betting cost will be multiplied 10 times the number of coins.

-Extra Wild: The second wild symbol may be part of the original game or a bonus feature may be activated.

-Expanding Wild: An expanded wild allows you to create a winning combination, usually activated as part of the bonus feature.

-Free Spin: A free game, at no cost to you to join this spin.

-Multiplier: If you win, it will multiply your winnings. For example, if you win 100 USD and you get a 3, 10, or 100x multiplier, you will receive 300 USD, 3000 USD or 30,000 USD respectively.

-Paylines: Payment, depending on the game. The payment is calculated based on the activated lines. Note that progressive jackpots can only be triggered if all other pay-lines are triggered first.

-Progressive Jackpot: This is the progressive jackpot accumulated on an affiliate – the amount you can win has no limit and the amount of the jackpot will usually be very large.

-Scatter: If this symbol appears on any line, you will win the equivalent prize.

-Wild: This symbol is worth replacing any symbol to help you complete a winning combination.


With the basics about slots game above, we hope they can support you a lot in your gaming experience. We hope you have fun moments with slots games. Now, log in your account and start playing slots game. 

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